Woodley Ends the Lawler Era

I dunno if there is anyone in MMA today more frightening in the first round than Woodley. He’s got an amazing wrestling base that leaves opponents no choice but to stand with him and pray he doesn’t banish them to the shadow realm in those first five minutes. He’s taken the Chuck Liddel recipe for success and added about 50 lbs of blacksposiveness to the mix. Fighting woodly is like trying to outrun a semi truck with a gallon of fuel, if you can just stay ahead of it for 15 minutes you’ll be safe but if it reaches you with fuel in the tank you’re gonna get run the fuck over. And robbie got ran the fuck over tonight, ending the most exciting championship run in the welterweight division. The good news is this sets up two great fights with Wonderboy vs Woodley and possibly Diaz vs Lawler II. Champions are falling like flies this year. Due to equal parts overhand rights and surprise USADA tests. It’s tough to stay the champ.

P.S. Have they officially retired Arianny and Brittney Palmer? I bet no one was more upset about that 4 billion dollar UFC sale than those two. Sucked way too much fertita dick to wind up with new bosses now that they’re pushing 30.

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  1. I’m disappointed that Woodley still hasn’t signed on to fight Maia. He keeps trying to hold out for a bigger payday with Nick Diaz or GSP.

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