UFC: Wonderboy The Wrestler

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson told Submission Radio that following his loss to Darren Till earlier this year, he’s decided to implement more offensive wrestling into his skillset as a means to keep his future opponents guessing. Lay and pray anyone?

The nicest guy to ever step foot into a cage and participate in a fist fight finds himself at a crossroads. Stephen Thompson hasn’t been living up to his nickname of late.

After producing five knockout victories in his first 8 UFC bouts, he’s gone to a decision five consecutive times including a split decision loss against Darren Till in his last outing. Some have even criticized “Wonderboy” for being a boring point fighter. Well if you think he’s boring now, wait till you see what he’s got in store for you in his next bout.

The 35-year-old former kickboxer will now begin each round transitioning from throwing a headkick to a single leg takedown. He’ll then unleash his patented “Wonder” elbows until his opponents are gently put to sleep. Then he’ll once again call for another fight against Tyron Woodley promising fans that rounds 11-15 will be pleasing to the eye.

Thompson’s rumored opponent for early next year is Robbie Lawler.¬†Lawler is probably the most vicious fighter you’d find in the UFC’s welterweight division and who can likely bring an exciting fight out of “Wonderboy.” But why have an exciting standup war when you can mix in offensive wrestling?

Thompson made headlines after his latest loss when he suggested a ban on kicks directly to the knee of an opponent. Till managed to re-injure Thompson’s surgically repaired left knee in the second round and it hindered his movement as a result. That’s how it starts. Soon Thompson will complain about eye pokes and groin shots and turn the UFC into the Ultimate non-fun Championship.



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