UFC Legends Can’t Retire Until Lyoto Machida Front Kicks Their Face

Some Companies give you a gold watch and a pension when you retire in the ufc you get a swift crane kick to the face. Couture got one and at UFC 224 tonight Vitor got his too.

An absolutely crazy end to the fight and the UFC career of one of the greatest to ever do it. I haven’t factchecked this but Vitor must have had the longest career in UFC history. From UFC 12 all the way to UFC 224 more than 20 years.

I hesitate to say he has retired from MMA as others have because I think there is a very good chance we see him in Rizin or Bellator looking thicker than Mackenzie Dern at all you can eat Acai night. No one was hit harder by the TRT ban than Vitor. He was spin kicking heads into the crowd before they cut him off. So it only makes sense that he puts a little starter fluid in the engine and tries his luck elsewhere. Out from underneath the watchful eye of Jeff Novitzky. I for one would love to see the old warhorse give it another go in either of those organizations.

As for the fight itself, you know that you’ve fucked up when you wake up and see Lyoto bowing. Machida is still putting asses in karate classes at 39, he’s mesmerizing. He is a human snake charmer with those feet, absolutely terrifying. People were counting him out after two tough back to back knock out losses, so it was good to see him get a win tonight in spectacular fashion. I hope this isn’t the last Machida front kick KO we get to see.

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