UFC: Everyone Wants to Fight TJ Dillashaw

It’s been less than a week since TJ Dillashaw retained his UFC bantamweight title against Cody Garbrandt, and that’s plenty of time for fighters from his division, outside his division and even outside of MMA, to call for Dillashaw’s throne.

TJ Dillashaw put on a performance so impressive that the media and fans alike are ready to call him the greatest bantamweight fighter of all time. Dominick Cruz and his fans took issue with that notion and believe that both men need to settle it in a rematch. Then there’s Marlon Moraes who has a valid argument for being next in line given his three consecutive wins including two by way of knockout.

Newly crowned UFC flyweight champion Henry Cejudo also wants a chance to move up to 135 lbs to try and earn double champ status. Dillashaw actually favors a match up against Cejudo, but during an interview on Brendan Schaub’s Below The Belt podcast, he expressed interest in moving down to 125 lbs. Why defend his title in a compelling match up when he can attempt to dehydrate himself even further.

The match up between Cejudo and Dillashaw could give the latter double champ status, but fans don’t want to see Dillashaw go from fighting a tattooed friend-turned-foe to fighting a respectful olympic hero with a Zoolander haircut. Fans want to see both men engage in a back-and-forth argument in which dirty laundry is aired out.

Speaking of which, boxing star Gervonta Davis went on Twitter to state his intentions to fight Dillashaw in an MMA bout. This isn’t the first time Davis has done this and probably won’t be the last time. For some reason it has to be mentioned by every media outlet just because.

Like Dominick Cruz, Raphael Assuncao also holds a split decision win over Dillashaw, but matchmakers don’t seem to find him appealing. Assuncao has outright stated that he won’t be participating in any verbal warfare in his UFC career. Someone should hand him several cans of Monster Energy to throw at TJ the next time he sees him. That’s really the only way the UFC books a third bout between both men. 

Cruz on the other hand is helping his cause by not being injured at the moment. His name has probably been mentioned more than any other candidate thus far by Dillashaw. Whether he realizes it or not, if Dillashaw prefers to watch Cruz work his way towards a title shot, he should probably say less. Admitting that the guy is on your shit list in multiple interviews is exactly what gets Sean Shelby going.

It’s fair to say Dillashaw will be out until next year and by that point the bantamweight division will probably have a clear #1 contender, but that doesn’t mean said contender will be fighting TJ Dillashaw next because that’s not always how the UFC works.

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