UFC: Why We Should Thank Dana White For Fighter Bashing

If you thought UFC president Dana White has a regretful bone in his body, you’re sorely mistaken. Uncle Dana spoke to Fox News earlier this week and made himself loud and clear in regards to not holding back when fighters put on poor performances.

Well it looks like Brendan Schaub won’t be receiving an apology letter from his former boss anytime soon. Dana White has no problem in dishing out verbal onslaughts towards his fighters, but like anything in life it could always be worse. For instance, back in 2006 Tito Ortiz was fortunate enough to avoid getting beat by DFW in a three round sparring session. When asked about his chances against Ortiz in a recent TMZ interview, White quickly told Harvey Levin that he would’ve undoubtedly defeated Ortiz.

White’s response was quite the shock given his established knack for humility. Whenever he’s criticized fighters, he’s done so in a mild mannered way. Sure, he’s never begun each critical statement with, “All due respect,” but we all know it goes without saying.

It’s never fun to hear your boss publicly disparage your work performance, but with Dana, it comes from the heart. He just cares too much. Wouldn’t it be worse if Dana didn’t mention or acknowledge a fighter’s performance at all? A famous man once said, “there’s no such thing as bad press.” Just look at Ariel Helwani as an example. Dana White issued a short lived ban from covering UFC events against Helwani two years ago.

What followed was Helwani being invited to mainstream media platforms to share his side of the story. And today, Helwani finds himself working for ESPN. All thanks to Dana. If you take a look at Tyron Woodley today, you’ll see an undisputed champion with multiple title defenses. Rewind back to 2014 following Woodley’s loss to Rory MacDonald at UFC 174. White did not mince words when discussing Woodley’s performance in high stake bouts. How did Woodley respond?

By going undefeated in his next six bouts in the last four years. Woodley is also an Oscar worthy actor and soon-to-be Grammy award winning rapper and he owes all of his success to Mr. White. Just wait till you witness the tear Francis Ngannou goes on after recently being thrown under the bus by seemingly everybody around him.

One of the MMA’s greatest strikers, Anderson Silva was once on the boss’ bad side post-UFC 112. White was so upset with Silva’s performance that he left his seat mid fourth round and had Ed Soares wrap the title around Silva’s waist. What followed next was Silva’s most notable run beating the likes of Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Yushin Okami, and Stephan Bonnar in a 3 year span. All thanks to Dana.

When it’s all said and done, would you rather be verbally decimated by uncle Dana or physically decimated in a sparring session? I think Tito Ortiz can answer that question for you.


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