UFC 208 Last Minute Picks

Terrible card for betters tonight. Absolute garbage. Therefore a perfect place to start our official Bum Picks. Despite the name, these Bum picks are guaranteed winners 100% of the time. I have been an accomplished MMA better for months and if Denzel wins the Oscar later this month I will have tripled my bank roll. (Full Disclosure my earnings came in-part or in whole because of a large early +550 bet on trump and a season of Patriots dominance.) But all that is irrelevant, let’s get into the picks.

I’m not touching the main and co-main event. A women’s title fight in a division that didn’t exist before tonight and very well may not exist by this time next year? Don’t have a read on that at all. And I especially dunno how much of the matrix Silva has left in him and whether or not brunson has the skills or wherewithal to wrestlefuck the GOAT for 25 minutes of booing. Interested to see how that plays out but I won’t bet it, I’m keeping it simple tonight with two straight picks and a parlay:

5 Units | Jim Miller +340

5 Units | Randy Brown -135

3 Units | 4-Team Parlay +1060 on the gigantic looking Reis, the very brown randy brown, a lyme-free Jim Miller, and the loveable brazilian Mike Tyson Teixeira.

2/11/17 10:30pm  UFC Fighting  1302 Glover Teixeira -235* vs Jared Cannonier
2/11/17 10:00pm  UFC Fighting  1401 Jim Miller +340* vs Dustin Poirier
2/11/17 9:30pm  UFC Fighting  1502 Randy Brown -140* vs Belal Muhammad
2/11/17 9:00pm  UFC Fighting  1602 Wilson Reis -670* vs Ulka Sasaki

I think miller is the underdog tonight, hes older, hes still likely battling lyme disease and whatever host of co-infections came along with it, and he’s still got injuries from the Lauzon fight. That said Miller is game as fuck and I certainly don’t think he loses 75% of the time here, especially since Poirier is coming off a TKO loss so the odds as of the time of this posting are insulting. Tonight we’ll see if Poireir is still a prospect or not. Miller by submission at +1180 is not a bad prop either.

I admittedly know much less about Randy Brown but he’s got solid striking and he’s fighting a cat with a salty UFC record who has a propensity for getting wobbled.

Here’s hoping I look smarter than that dudes reddit fight algorithm from a month ago that went 2 for 12. Good luck, and remember I take full responsibility for any bets you make. Goodluck.

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