The Problem with GSP vs. Nate Diaz

UFC president Dana White created headlines when he revealed that a bout between Georges St-Pierre and Nate Diaz is in the works at 155-pounds. Here’s why it’s a bad idea.

Dana White went on the UFC’s state-sponsored podcast, UFC Unfiltered, to drop some heavy news on what the promotion has in store for us in the near future. Along with confirming the Luke Rockhold and Alexander Gustafsson non-title match up, White stated that the 36-year-old Georges St-Pierre could face Nate Diaz in his lightweight debut this August at UFC 227. The last time we saw GSP on a scale was back in November when he weighed in at 184.4 lbs just before his middleweight title win over Michael Bisping.

He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a month following the bout and relinquished his title shortly after. St-Pierre’s quest to becoming a three division champion is akin to Thanos’ quest in collecting all six infinity stones. GSP is willing to go to extreme lengths in order to complete his mission including wiping himself out from the universe if he attempts to cut down to 155-pounds. Somebody should show him a photo of Kenny Florian the night before he fought Jose Aldo and hope GSP comes to his senses.

What’s sad is that Dana White appears completely on board with GSP cutting so much weight in a relatively short amount of time. Instead the UFC should toy with the idea of adding a new 165-pound division. GSP can fight Diaz in the inaugural fight at 165-pounds and then retire as king or lure in Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov or even Tyron Woodley into a super fight.

While many are speculating that GSP is targeting an eventual scrap against McGregor, it’s worth noting that he hinted at wanting to fight the best over choosing the most lucrative bout during his latest MMA Hour interview. St-Pierre also stated that he had no interest in fighting Nate Diaz because he already defeated Nick Diaz in the past.

GSP also referred to Nurmagomedov as the best during an episode of UFC Embedded and Nurmagomedov called for a fight against GSP following his win over Al Iaquinta. Both men could win the McGregor sweepstakes, but it sounds like they don’t mind passing that over for a chance to lock horns against each other.

Nate Diaz being GSP’s opponent just sounds strange. Even Diaz stated that he was not interested in the bout when presented to him following his UFC 196 win over McGregor. Dana White said that he was obligated to offer Nick and Nate Diaz three fights each year, which are usually turned down. This sounds like another proposal they’re offering for the sake of offering Diaz a fight.

If GSP is serious about moving down to lightweight, it’s hard to imagine he’ll do it without taking some extended time to undergo a proper lifestyle change. He spent a long time bulking up prior to making his middleweight debut so it only makes sense for him to take his time before he finds himself at death’s door in a sauna somewhere.

Ariel Helwani mentioned on Twitter that while the fight is being entertained by the promotion, talks are still in the preliminary stage. Besides, we all know the light heavyweight title is there for the taking. There’s always hope of a GSP scrap against the great Ilir Latifi for the interim UFC light heavyweight title. One can always dream.

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