You Cannot Assign 320lb Security Guards to Flyweight Fights…

No two ways about it, this is a tough look. Aside from getting one punch KO’d, the absolute worst thing that can happen to you as a flyweight fighter is if the Palms security guard assigned to your corner is a six foot five, three hundred twenty pound houseboat.

Never has my interest in a fight dropped faster then when I saw this red Goliath. And Stamann, with seemingly no octagon awareness, sidled right up beside him. Man what are you doing? Is this your first time being four foot nine? You HAVE TO be more aware of the camera here and try to out angle this behemoth, take the foreground, get up on your toes, do something. If I’m Stamann I would rather Adalaide Byrd judge my fight than to be stood next to a Pacific Rim monster while I’m trying to psych myself up. Testament to his mental toughness that he went on to win that fight. But good lord, the big man was one loose shoelace away from simultaneously crushing Cody Stamann and cracking the top ten of the heavyweight division.

The only person who had a tougher act to follow last night was the final guy announced during the Vegas Victims tribute, who Anik introduced directly after the two twin smokeshows. (@2:20)

Edit: After digging up the video I now see Anik said High School twin sisters, missed that part when I watched it live. I would like to apologize for calling them smokeshows, unless of course they are seniors whose parents enrolled them in first grade later then most. Either way I think we can all agree people should not shoot them.

2 Thoughts to “You Cannot Assign 320lb Security Guards to Flyweight Fights…”

  1. Gary

    I don’t blame you. I’d fuck the shit out of those girls

    1. Mick

      Well, bit aggressive there Gary but I appreciate the support

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