Betting Overeem vs Hunt UFC 209

Hearing Mark Hunt do media this week it’s clear he doesn’t want to be there. But whether we will see that reflected in his performance is tough to say. Mark Hunt is the type of guy who’s ready to fight while he’s pumping gas. If you called him while he was grocery shopping and offered him a title fight in the parking lot he’d be there in 4 minutes wearing gloves and his bus sized shorts. So it’s tough to bet against Mark despite the distractions of his pending lawsuit and despite his one minute submission loss to Ubereem back in Dream. (Current Odds on Overeem by Submission are +490)

Overeem on the other hand always has his head in the game although his head isn’t always game. He’s surrounded himself with the best coaching, I mean the dude employs a dedicated breathing coach. (Shoutout Wim Hof) We know Overeem comes prepared with a custom Greg Jackson gameplan, this being his seventh fight since joining Jackson’s MMA, but he’s developed a reputation as a glass cannon these past couple years. Absolutely devastating offense but a suspect chin. Mark Hunt is historically one of the last people you want to be fighting with a suspect chin, but a 42 year old disgruntled and distracted Mark Hunt? If you absolutely have to bet this fight I think Overeem is the pick at -140 (or +302 by decision) but there’s much better value to be found on this fight card. And there is nothing in sports quite as stressful as betting on Overeem by decision. Check back tomorrow after weigh-ins for our full UFC 209 bet picks.

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