Nate Diaz involved in another brawl

Don’t let Nate Diaz’s low MMA activity rate fool you, Stockton’s prodigal son made sure to limit ring rust by handing out knuckle sandwiches every other week outside of the cage. This time Diaz was caught in the act at Fight to Win Pro 77 in Sacramento, California last Friday.

Don’t be scared, homies. Nate Diaz continues to fulfill his Skrap Pack duties. If you’re lucky you may have a Diaz beatdown coming soon to a local event near you. In yet another criminally vertically recorded video found on the internet, Diaz is seen mean mugging a dead man walking in front of him before molly whopping an individual on the ground with a right hand shot. Fortunately, Diaz didn’t have to deal with any flying chairs this time around.

The ground and pound wasn’t too sharp but the 33-year-old managed to hit his target and that’s what counts. UFC record aside, Diaz remains undefeated at local MMA event crowds, which clearly warrants him a title shot against either Tyron Woodley or Khabib Nurmagomedov. Coincidentally the two were involved in multiple brouhahas in the past so their beef remains unfinished.

Last month Diaz was involved in a brawl at a Combate Americas event, which resulted in Clay Guida taking two losses in the span of a month. The second one came against Charles Oliveira at UFC 225. Credit to Diaz for softening up Guida for Oliveira and avenging his 2009 loss to “The Carpenter” in the process.

There’s no telling where Diaz will show up next and who’s next in his Stockton slap list and there’s one thing you can’t call Nate Diaz, and that’s boring. The part time UFC fighter hasn’t fought in the octagon in nearly two years, but he sure knows how to keep his name and his fists in the news.



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