Leaked Messages between Jon Jones and DC ahead of UFC 226?

jones dc

It appears the beef between former UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones and current UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has been reignited via some vicious back-and-forth text messages.

Jon Jones appears to be the one provoking Daniel Cormier as he pokes fun at Cormier’s scary tumble immediately following UFC’s press conference on Thursday, but never one to back down, Cormier takes aim at Jones’ coke problem as well as his affinity for male enhancement pills.

Jones appears to be in a win-win situation as he would likely boast in the wake of a Cormier loss or gloat in a Cormier victory, which would somehow make him the uncrowned UFC light heavyweight and UFC heavyweight champion. One thing that is clear is that Alexander Volkov had to weigh in for no reason this morning.

Fortunately, aside for Cormier’s pride and several UFC employees, nobody was hurt but one has to question his take down defense after being taken down by that 20 lb speaker.

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