Khabib Nurmagomedov: ‘McGregor has to Solve Problems Alone’

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UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov sent a message to Conor McGregor via Instagram amidst reports of a planned UFC 229 bout between both men.

Khabib Nurmagomedov wanted to make it clear that the next steps towards finding a solution to the McGregor problem will not involve buses or dollies. However, Nurmagomedov did not include Monster energy drink cans in his statement so it’s safe to assume they’re fair game.

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When you see him, tell him: Conor the game has changed, now you have to play like a grown up man, there will no longer be locked buses with security inside and outside, now you have to solve these problems alone, and if you do not want it, just say so, everybody will understand. Когда увидишь его скажи ему: Конор игра поменялась, теперь тебе надо играть по взрослому, там больше не будет запертых автобусов с охранниками внутри и снаружи, теперь придётся тебе самому решать эти проблемы один на один, а если не хочешь так и скажи, тебя все поймут. #ufc #lightweightchampion #mma #sendmelocation

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If there is one thing that both men have in common, it’s their pride. Nurmagomedov already proved he can get under the skin of the master of getting under people’s skin. McGregor, usually at his best when he is not facing criminal charges, lost control and attacked an innocent bus in an attempt to lure Nurmagomedov out. This all stemmed from Nurmagomedov pulling Artem Lobov aside days before his title fight to confront him about statements he made in the past.

Nurmagomdov expressed interest in returning to competition in November, hoping to fight at Madison Square Garden for the second time. The “bear whisperer” might not get his way if there is any truth to the report above. It’s worth adding that Dana White was also firm in stating that a fight of this magnitude belongs in Las Vegas.

Think it’s best if Artem Lobov stays out of the build up to this fight just in case he decides to handle McGregor’s work for him and jeopardizes the grudge match in the process. The Siberian Express has proven he cannot be stopped, which makes McGregor very fortunate to have him in his corner.

Dana White’s scheduled meeting with McGregor in Liverpool has been pushed back to sometime this week. White stated that he will meet with the former UFC lightweight champion for the first time since the bus incident and that he cannot commit to anything until McGregor has his day in court in June.

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