Jose Waldo Biopic Now on Netflix

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Netflix is somehow adding more streaming MMA content than Fight Pass these days. Today they picked up Jose Aldo’s biopic: Stronger Than The World. It covers his early life up to his UFC debut in the Mark Hominick fight. And not to spoil too much, but the movie opens up with Jose and his friends playing a good old fashioned game of Pedestrian Baseball. It’s sad to think the poverty in Rio was so bad that they were forced to do drive-bys with two by fours. Something privileged american gangbangers wouldn’t understand. Anyhow, when it comes time for Jose to bash a stranger with his board he does something unheard of, he hesitates. Some might say it’s this same hesitation that cost him the McGregor fight. It’s like they say, you miss 100% of the aggravated assaults you don’t attempt to commit.

Reviews for the film are mixed, people are calling it everything from decent to fucking shit. Having watched 5 minutes and then skipping around I can say the casting was hit or miss. The guys playing Bruce Buffer, Big Nog, and Andre Pederneiras were pretty spot-on:

However the dude playing Jose Aldo looked more like a brazilian Matt Brown. And they cast Mark Hominick as a thick, tattooed light heavyweight with a non-hematoma’d head. Really hurts the suspension of disbelief.

If you have Netflix watch it before UFC 212 and leave us your thoughts: Streaming Link

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