Jared Gordon: Unluckiest Man in the UFC

The UFC’s Jared Gordon may not be a notable member of the roster, but his recent string of bad luck is what makes him stand out. This includes being TKO’d by Carlos Diego Ferreira in February. Oh, and he also nearly lost three of his fingers in a brawl against gang members in New York two months before that.

Jared Gordon is only a year into his UFC career compiling a respectable 2-1 record. Unfortunately for Gordon he just so happens to be a part of the UFC’s most unforgiving and talent rich lightweight division. The 29-year-old is one of three UFC fighters to hail from Queens, New York and apparently home ain’t where the heart is for the former featherweight.

Security footage captured Gordon and his two friends standing outside of a barbershop when one of two alleged gang members walked up to Gordon’s friend and spit on him. The saliva wielder then attempted a Stockton slap that Nate Diaz would not be proud of. In an interview with Bloody Elbow, Gordon described the melee.

“That’s when I jumped him. We all started fighting. My friend starts fighting the other kid, and they bumped into me and the kid I was fighting. We hit the storefront window, and the whole thing came down on us.”

To make matters worse, Gordon was told by police that if he wanted to press charges against the hoodlums, it would mean he’d also have to spend a night in jail, which prompted him to refuse. That night the judicial system succeeded in limiting overcrowding, but Gordon’s punching hand wasn’t so lucky.

A total of 21 stitches on three fingers came at the expense of playing Batman for a night. Gordon explained that two weeks later he found himself back in the ER when his cuts reopened during training. Oh wait it gets better. Gordon would then try out his best Mr. Glass impersonation as he reopened the laceration during a fall on an escalator at Grand Central station.

By that point Gordon was a regular at the emergency room. The limited training camp is not an ideal one and potentially contributed to his last performance, but he did make a case for being cast on the next season of The Defenders. Watch out gang bangers, because Jared “Flash” Gordon is patrolling the streets of New York and his only weakness are escalators and storefront windows.

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