Is Yoel Romero Made of Steel?

UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker recently discussed his 5 round war against Yoel Romero at UFC 225 and didn’t hold back on the superlatives when marveling at the People’s champ’s physique.

Robert Whittaker was on the latest episode of GrangeTV where he discussed his hand surgery and reflected on his gritty performance against Yoel “Soldier of Steel” Romero. The man of steel has undoubtedly become one of MMA’s most intriguing characters in recent years due to his actions inside and outside the cage. Whittaker has spent nearly an hour fist fighting the scariest 41 year-old on the planet earth and seems almost certain that the Cuban olympian silver medalist is secretly an Avenger.

“Whatever Romero’s rehydration plan was, I’d like to get on that cause he looked huge. He was massive,” said Whittaker. “From the skeleton I saw the day before to him missing, he looked like he was going to die to him hopping back in the octagon, it was like two different guys.”

Is it possible that Romero experienced a Bruce Banner-into-The Hulk like transformation prior to stepping into the octagon against “Bobby Knuckles” that night? Or maybe its just the effects from that good old sugar water mix Romero told Joe Rogan about during an episode of his podcast. It only gets stranger from there according to Whittaker.

“When I was punching and kicking him it felt like metal. Like a dude made out of concrete, it was ridiculous. And I fought him a year ago, he didn’t feel like concrete. Yeah, his hydration plan worked pretty well I guess.”

Whittaker wasn’t the first opponent who compared Romero’s raw Cuban steel and twisted sex appeal to metal. Luke Rockhold sent a respectful tweet to Romero following a knockout loss to the Ironman at UFC 221 and added that his foe was made of steel.

Romero’s name was cleared by USADA of any wrongdoing in 2016 when he successfully utilized the tainted supplement excuse that has become somewhat common since USADA’s partnership with the UFC. While the champion didn’t outright accuse Romero of juicing, he did mention the loopholes in USADA’s system such as only being tested for known banned substances, a two time allowance each year of avoiding a drug test if you’re not present when USADA arrives at your door.

Whittaker even went on to mention that he did not get undergo a post-fight drug test because he was sent to the hospital to get his broken hand examined. Perhaps USADA was too busy arguing how they each scored the fight between Romero and Whittaker and forgot they were on the clock.

One thing for sure is that the next man who has to stand across the cage from the Cuban Thanos is receiving prayers in advance from just about everyone. Including Romero.


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