The Hurt Business Now on Netflix

Hurt Business Netflix Streaming Link

This is the MMA documentary from the Director of Generation Iron, it premiered in september of last year and wasn’t especially well received. Most the interview footage was shot late 2014 to early 2015. Back when MMA was still illegal in NY, Rousey was champ, and Jones was boasting about his PED-free status. It doesn’t spend too long going over the history and follows both big name guys like Rashad during his rehab as well as lower level dudes fighting on indian reservations.

As a whole it’s a pretty bleak look at MMA in terms of time away from family, fighter pay, CTE and depression but it’s not overly unfair. It was shot with the UFC’s cooperation so you get the full fight footage and not the slideshow fight recaps like you see in The Reem. All in all I thought it was one of the better MMA documentaries; it reminded me how well spoken and poetic Rashad can be (shoutout to TWoodly for my unintentional white racism), reminded me how much I hate NY politicians, and gave me a newfound respect for Sara McMann. Definitely worth a watch.



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