Heather Clark’s Nose Should Retire

Some noses weren’t meant to be punched repeatedly and Heather Jo Clarks nose is one of them. It’s looked broken after each of her last three fights and if she’s not prepared to go full voldemort it’s probably time to think about hanging them up.

Speaking of thinking, Diego Sanchez’s brain should be close to retirement too. He pulled off a gritty upset tonight but he also passed BJ Penn with the fourth longest career fight time in the UFC. He looked good but given his propensity to slug it out his brain has got to be the most endangered in the current UFC roster. I’m worried about his health in 10 years but fuck is he ever still fun to watch fight.

On a more somber note, another Ferguson related tragedy occurred in the main event tonight in Mexico City, not Missouri. When El Cucuy cost me a $14 parlay and cost dos Anjos a 4 million dollar McGregor payday. So all in all it was a tough night for the both of us but we’ll learn from it and come back stronger. (Never bet unders at altitude or pull out with foot injuries.)
UFC 205 is now under a week away and somehow the entire main card is still intact. Each day it stays that way is a blessing.

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