Demian Maia is Rousey’ing the Welterweight Division

Good God UFC on Fox 21 just ended and at 38 years old Demian Maia looked better than ever. He threw one punch then cut through Condit on the ground in under two minutes. Maia’s run of submission dominance is something new fans might not be surprised to see since Ronda did just that to the women’s bantamweight division for years until she got head kicked to hollywood. But subbing do nothing bitches in the new women’s 135lb division is one thing. The men’s welterweight division on  the other hand is a fucking lion’s den of well rounded killers. I thought it was impossible at this point in MMA for a guy to attain a level of ju jitsu so far ahead of his competition that there is just no stopping it. In his last four fights he’s thrown an average of 10 strikes before choking out Neil Magney,  Matt Brown, and Carlos Condit. The lone decision being a dominant win over Gunnar Nelson (Credit to Gunnar and that icelandic jiu jitsu defense).

Now it’s clear Wonderboy still deserves the next title shot. And despite Woodley’s hemming and hawing at accepting that fight, Brian Stann’s post fight interview tonight made pretty clear the UFC’s position on the next welterweight title bout. And a damn good title fight it is, Woodley vs Wonderboy should be fireworks; Blacksplosiveness vs the Kempo Karate Kid. Alliteration aside, if Wonderboy wins the title he’s got a real problem waiting for him in Demian Maia. And if you like flashy knockouts you better pray old age or that bacteria ridden brazilian water catches up with Maia quick because it looks to me like he’s poised to strangle his way to the title.

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