The face of a man who is about to get PAID!

DC Lesnar

DC becomes the nicest baddest man on the planet. To come up in weight and knockout the most accomplished heavyweight in UFC history, in the first round no less, is the most impressive thing I’ve seen in MMA. And it happened directly after the least impressive thing I’ve seen in that trash fire of a fight between Lewis and Ngannou.

Conor was the first fighter to make history holding simultaneous UFC belts but DC just did it with the two biggest belts in the business. He’s now both the baddest and second baddest man on the planet. It couldn’t have happened to a better guy and the man is going to be 40 in March, crazy.

Lesnar UFC
Dana White Smiles at 1 Million PPV buys

But that wasn’t even the best thing that happened to DC tonight, Brock barnyard-sized Lesnar just blessed DC with the biggest paycheck of his life. I dunno if champ champs get double pay per view points but regardless a fight against Brock Lesnar is going to ensure his children’s children are millionaires. Good for him. Can’t wait to see him fight that big vanilla gorilla.

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  1. taidorian

    I’m not paying for this wwe

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