Colby Covington will KO Whittaker if Romero can’t

Colby Covington is set to do battle against Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225, but the interim UFC welterweight title isn’t the only one he’s eyeing.

Just when you thought Colby Covington was done making enemies, he decided to do another interview. When speaking to Covington revealed that if his friend and teammate Yoel Romero is not victorious in a rematch against the UFC middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker, then he will gladly move up to snatch his title away.

“I’ll definitely have my eyes on that. I’m not going to go up and challenge Romero ’cause he’s my teammate and I like the guy, but if Whittaker wins I’ll definitely be looking to go up and knock him out just like choir boy did.”

Covington just formally threw down the gauntlet by warning perhaps the nicest man in the UFC today. Above is Whittaker’s first encounter with Covington and no it wasn’t a heated back-and-forth. Instead, Whittaker can be seen apologizing to Covington for accidentally stepping on his shoe while waiting to get on the stage for a press conference in April. Whittaker followed up by introducing himself and offering “Chaos” a handshake while the two participated in a brief but friendly encounter just before Kamaru Usman began chirping at Covington.

I guess Whittaker had it coming after stepping on the toes of the potential three division UFC champion. After all, that seems to be the goal for the American Top Team product.

“I wanna go down to 155. I wanna go up to 185 middleweight and take the belt. Whittaker hasn’t been that impressive. He got knocked out by choir boy Thompson. Karate, everybody knows that shit don’t work,” said Covington. “As far as Khabib, the guy couldn’t finish a real estate agent on 20 hours notice. That’s sad man. If that dweeb ever comes up to 170, I’ll rag doll him like the chump he is.”

Nobody is safe from Covington. Fortunately for Yoel Romero, Covington likes him, which means he doesn’t have to worry about getting KO’d by “raw American steel and sex appeal.” Earlier in the week Covington threw barbs dos Anjos’ way during a conference call and even promised to confront Joe Rogan the next time he sees him. Rogan, being a resourceful guy could be keeping a boomerang in handy ahead of UFC 225 on June 9th.

Next week we could be calling Covington the interim UFC welterweight champion. In fact, we might even see him step in for Romero and try to win his second UFC title on the same night. After all, who’s going to stop him?

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