Colby Covington is winning

The UFC’s current top heel has been making waves through social media and he doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

Colby Covington will face Rafael dos Anjos for the UFC interim welterweight championship at UFC 225 on June 9th, but you would think he was scheduled to fight the entire country of Brazil given his comments on their population after his win over Demian Maia last October and the formal apology that followed. That’s right, no one is safe from the so called, “Nerd bash 2018” tour. Covington is not for the faint-hearted and if you hate movie spoilers and being called out for your celibacy, refrain from visiting his Twitter page.

You would think that Covington was scheduled to fight Kamaru Usman at UFC 225 given their verbal exchange both backstage and during a recent UFC press conference. You’d think Covington was planning a move up to the light heavyweight division given his verbal attack on Jon Jones, but no, Covington just doesn’t care. Heated disputes between fighters is nothing new, but picking on guys from higher weight classes is pretty ballsy.

It’s a good thing Covington’s head trainer, Dan Lambert has all the money in the world to provider his star pupil with highly trained security guards everywhere Covington goes. When Covington is not getting into altercations outside of the cage, he’s spending his time improving his cardio through the use of porn stars. You can’t deny his creativity. You also can’t deny that Covington has kept his name in the headlines and that he has become one of the most disliked athletes in MMA in the last year and a half.

Covington’s mission is not solely focused on the UFC welterweight championship, he’s also determined to usher in a snowflake armageddon as he puts it. “Chaos” has been in the UFC for nearly four years and the UFC is beginning to recognize that the late bloomer is someone to keep an eye on. Covington won’t be blessing the country of Brazil with his presence anytime soon, but he’s already set himself apart from previous villains.

Covington knows no bounds and it’s sort of refreshing in today’s PC environment. His title fight is a little over a month away and that seems to be the last thing people seem to be talking about. Win or lose, Covington will illicit a reaction after he returns to action and we’ve witnessed fans go from hating to loving fighters after a period of getting to understand them better.

Regardless if he turns into a good guy or not in the future, Covington will always find himself in the news since it seems that everyone is going to try and put their hands on him when they see him. The American Top Team product had a stint in TNA pro wrestling’s weekly program, and is intent on signing a deal with WWE in the future and hold both UFC and WWE titles simultaneously, which as ridiculous as it sounds, is something that Brock Lesnar has been unable to accomplish.

The Oregon native has been called a poor man’s Chael Sonnen, but unlike Chael, he’s got youth on his side and has been able to work his way to a title shot without the use of PEDs. How far will “Chaos” go? Only time will tell.

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