Turns out Weidman Was Faking it at UFC 210

Weidman’s last fight vs. Mousasi at UFC 210 ended in the least fulfilling way a fight can end, via doctor’s stoppage. If you need a refresher, the controversy began after referee Dan Miragliotta called a break to the action at three minutes into round number two after Mousasi hit Weidman with a knee while Weidman appeared to have both hands on the ground. At which point Miragliotta called in the ringside physician, the doc gave him the old count my fingers and look at my light routine and things didn’t look good.

Anytime the doctor spends more than 15 seconds checking a guy out it’s usually bad news. Making it even more dubious was the fact that this was taking place in Buffalo, in newly legal New York state; whose commission, judges, and doctors have so far been nothing short of terrible. From letting Holly Holm get hit twice after the bell with not so much as a point deduction to attempting to pull a girl from ufc 210 for having breast implants, the empire state has been a consistent crapshoot. And it looked like NY was set to screw it up again when the doctor could be heard telling Miragliotta that weidman didn’t know what day it was.

At the time I didn’t think much of it, I’m not a big date guy myself, if you asked me the day I’d be wrong half the time so I assumed it was just another thing me and Weidman had in common. Just a couple of ripped NY boys who can’t follow a calendar. But as it turns out, weidman knew damn well what day it was. Big John Mccarthy, who was ringside that night, went on MMAJunkie Radio and told them how it really went down. (Starts at 8:16)

Turns out when Weidman learned the knee was legal, and a stoppage would result in his loss rather than Mousasi’s DQ, his faculties immediately returned to him and he recited the date. Now in fairness to him we haven’t heard his side of the story and for all we know Matt Serra could have shouted the date to him from the sidelines. Moreover since he’s being accused of acting it’s worth mentioning, Chris Weidman is not exactly Meryl Streep:

But if Big John’s account is accurate it’s a bit of an indictment on the character of the All American. Fans hate when fighters look for a DQ win, koscheck famously faked getting hit with a knee vs. Daley, and he was about as universally unliked as they come.

That said if I was fighting Sweet and Sassy Gegard Mousasi I’d be angling for a DQ win any chance I got. But I’m on record as an admitted coward, if I’m drafted in our future war with North Korea I’m hiding under the first pile of dead bodies I find. Unfortunately that attitude is not going to win you any fans and it makes Weidman’s three loss skid an even tougher pill to swallow. The silver lining here is that NYSAC may have finally got a decision right which in turn suggests the likelihood of us seeing Weidman vs Mousasi II is very slim.

Especially considering this was the last fight on Mousasi’s contract, which means it’s time for him to get paid and demand a big fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mousasi’s next fight is a title eliminator or a title shot. Given the growing line of contenders at middleweight and the still unscheduled bout between Bisping and GSP I’d put my money on a fight with Romero or Whittaker.

Editor’s Note: We reached out to Chris Weidman for comment but as of this posting have yet to receive a response. We are professional Journalists.

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