Bellator owns the night

Bellator 198 had a little bit of everything from the legendary Fedor Emelianenko to the even more legendary Dillon Danis on a night that turned back time and offered a glimpse of the future.

The #1 coattail rider in MMA, Dillon Danis finally graced us with his MMA debut and boy did he make daddy proud. And I’m not referring to his first round toe hold submission victory over the infamous 2-4 Kyle Walker. I’m talking about his actions after his star studded performance. Danis’ second performance took place when he was handed the microphone and boy did he leave us wanting more. Danis referred to his first professional win as a seminar for those in attendance and stated that he will show us the way to beat MMA with jiu jitsu.

Oh wait it gets better. Danis humbly reminded us that it was he who built up this card and will now in turn be called out by the bums in Bellator. Danis did the right thing by drawing attention to his haters who unlike him are not undefeated at a catch weight class. I mean, who needs the welterweight or middleweight division when you have the Danis division? Danis even went on to call out the undefeated and retired Ben Askren, who for some reason has received more fame since he hung up the gloves.

It seems Askren is now experiencing the love portion of the love-hate relationship he’s got with MMA fans now that he is shifted his focus exclusively on tweeting. The once black hat of MMA is somehow now a good guy? Askren brushed off the call out and instead shifted his focus towards tweeting at Rory MacDonald.

After fans were blessed with the current GOAT’s performance, they were then treated to the former GOAT returning to the win column in the United States and bringing the FBI along with him into the Rosement, Illinois arena. Fedor Emelianenko had little time for ugly sweaters, instead his focus was strictly placed on throwing until something landed and boy did it land. Frank Mir entered the bout wanting to add another legendary name to his losing streak and he left satisfied. After two years of podcasting, Mir was finally allowed back into a cage for a fist fight.

Unfortunately after his 48 second knockout loss, Mir will once again be out for another two years. If Fedor thought he had a difficult challenge in Mir, then wait till he meets the undefeated and undisputed Chael Sonnen. That’s right Chael Sonnen will now face Fedor as he continues his, “legends ass-whipping tour“. Rumor has it the next stop for said tour will be Madison Square Garden.

Sonnen wasted little time throwing the city of Chicago under the bus upon getting on the microphone. Because screw Chicago even if they are a part of America. Then Sonnen made it clear the he plans on making quick work of the 41-year-old “Emperor.”

Bellator owned the world of MMA for a night and kudos to them. The UFC on the other hand was marked with bad luck this weekend with news of injury after injury taking place. Guess ya win some and ya lose some.

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