Dana White involved in Pro wrestling match

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Move over Vince McMahon, UFC president Dana White has officially made his pro wrestling debut in Memphis alongside longtime WWE ring announcer, Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Dana White hasn’t minced words when discussing the legitimacy of the WWE in the past, but has acknowledged the promotional prowess of Vince McMahon on numerous occasions. Now it looks like uncle Dana is starting to come around on the idea of taking part in the predetermined phenomenon.

For some reason footage of the match Mr. White was involved in included more action against a woman rather than an actual pro wrestler, but that’s neither here nor there. What matters is that Dana and company picked up the victory in front of a crowd of about 200 Memphis faithful. The action was part of Dana White’s Looking for a Fight web series, which includes the lovable UFC Hall of Famer, Matt Serra.


For those who aren’t familiar with pro wrestling, here’s some play-by-play. Dana White enters the action mid match to try and detain the dangerous woman in green who goes by Maria Starr in and appears to be in alliance with the gentleman in green tights named Dustin Starr. As Dana intervenes in holding Mrs. Starr back, green tights grabs Dana from behind and proceeds to locked Dana’s arms up with the idea of his girl slapping DFW across the face. Not to fear! Jerry Lawler, tired of the injustice steps into the ring and pulls green tights off.

The action gets hot and heavy as green tights has had enough of the jawing and shoves Lawler, The 68-year-old bounces off the ropes and delivers a hard right hand to the younger foe’s jaw. Down he goes! The Black guy who appears to be on Dana’s side known as Derrick King then goes for the pin. From out of nowhere Matt Serra jumps on top of King, which leads to Dana to push down on Serra to further secure the pin.

The battle didn’t appear to end there as Maria Starr climbed onto the UFC president’s back following the win. They might have won the battle, but they didn’t win the war. Props to Maria for landing a slap on White. She managed to live out the entire UFC’s roster’s fantasy.

Zuffa pro wrestling anyone?

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